Is She Interested?

Reader Question:

i’ve presently built up a crush with an associate where you work. We have been working with each other for longer than six months today and then we are close.

Around days, some other co-workers have seen us together and quite often ask their if you have anything involving the both of us, indirectly. It throws this lady down and perhaps annoys the lady. It annoys myself, as well. She is extremely attractive so there tend to be other people who like their. But I’m sure we now have a substantial connection between you. She doesn’t flirt with me, but i am aware she likes getting around me. I wish there was some way I can avoid some other co-workers from inquiring the lady whenever we are both with each other, but I can’t determine an easy method.

I enjoy this lady and wanted to ask this lady out and view if she desires to have a try. But within the circumstances, based how many other individuals are stating, she’d feel unpleasant to state yes.

I truly have no idea what to do. Onetime we have this personal second, the second she investigates me personally and smiles and a while later she completely prevents me personally. I want to be successful and determine if she’s about the smallest fascination with myself, too.

If we tend to be by yourself with each other, it seems unique and great, but their very difficult to read through her signals. As soon as we remain people, she just switches me down except as soon as we talk face to face. That’s why i needed to inquire about this lady around because when she states no, I am able to start to get her out of my personal head. There will not be almost every other opportunity for all of us become together next. However if she’s interested, she might say yes.

Just what can I do?

I would personally be grateful to you personally any time you could advise myself on what to-do. If the woman isn’t curious, i am willing to overcome the girl. However, if she actually is, I’d like to have a shot. Thanks a lot for your time.

-Duane M. (Alabama)

Expert’s Answer:

Hey Duane,

Thanks a lot a whole lot for writing in! It sounds as you tend to be accepting defeat before also suiting right up for conflict. You should not believe everything and soon you’ve already been completely open and truthful with this specific girl. Yes, undoubtedly ask her commit see a film together, or in addition to this, seize a cup of coffee at somewhere for which you’ll manage to talk. Discover demonstrably some thing between both you and this co-worker. Otherwise, you wouldn’t spend significant amounts of the workday together, appropriate?

It could you need to be the, platonic male-female friendship, but if you’re creating feelings for her, then you certainly should act on those feelings. Are you aware that Stephen King had been denied lots of instances before successfully offering one of his short stories to a mens magazine? Only the really great folks in life take possibilities when they realize that they could in contrast to the results. Like we mentioned, let this girl know how you feel and determine if she actually is enthusiastic about checking out a relationship to you. It’s a good idea to understand the clear answer than still drive yourself insane.



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